About Earth Compliance Solutions

Established in 1999, Earth Compliance Solutions (ECS) is focused on providing quality business and environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management consulting. Our mission is to educate and inspire professionals to develop sustainable management solutions.

With more than two decades of EHS experience ECS can help create sustainable business systems through training and business development. ECS helps direct EHS programs and influences company leadership to assure regulatory compliance, achieve continuous performance improvement, and integrate EHS performance objectives into standard work processes. ECS will work with your company to develop strategies to achieve your goals in alignment with your business goals and values. We help companies by:

  1. Coach and direct professional staff activities to ensure site-wide EHS compliance and drive personal ownership and accountability for all employees.
  2. Implement company corporate EHS strategy at the site operations level: evaluate numerous competing initiatives, ensure robust process, systems, and resources are in place for all areas of accountability, balance interests of multiple operating divisions, complete internal audits and self assessments to monitor program effectiveness.
  3. Ensure comprehensive change management of all EHS and Site initiatives to ensure ongoing compliance.
  4. Assure completion of all regulatory submissions, notifications, etc. required to maintain compliance with federal, state, and local EHS requirements.
  5. Direct staff to analyze and communicate (site, regional, and corporate levels) performance against expectations; provide feedback, establish and track required actions to improve. Lead development and ensure delivery of required EHS training programs.
  6. Monitor and influence local regulatory climate, negotiate and advocate with EHS agencies and external stakeholders. Develop guidance to site operations on impact of new regulations and how to meet new requirements and negotiate with regulatory agencies and senior operations leaders.

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